Sunday, June 14

Two new paintings currently hanging at the wonderful mccully & crane store in Rye. The top one is a directional picture revealing something of my new collection.

studio view to the garden 2015
Some pictures from a recent show at The Rye Art Gallery. So exciting to see pictures hanging together, helps to organise my mind!

Sunday, August 31

summer exhibition 2014 at mccully and crane, Rye

Summer exhibition 2014

Garden chair with scarf
Self portrait

Pears in the morning light

Figurine with oranges (top)
Reflected figure on yellow (bottom)

Tabletop arrangement

Pink cup

Studio interior in grey
Still life at night

Artist in the studio
White jug with red and brown

luke hannam

Portraits - Agnes and Zack 2013

Portraits - Zack 2013