Monday, March 19

 when nothing is around my own hand is the best subject
I saw this on a friend's mantle piece and liked its twistyness!
Toys become tables in our house and then both become drawings
it occurred to me following my daughters 4th birthday that balloons were amazing things, isn't this why children love them?. Floating shapes of vivid colour, perfect lines, pure ideas!
I love drawing stuff the children leave lying around the house, if it's all about emotion these discarded toys have it in abundance!

Thursday, March 15

Pushed a bit further. The clues are there for me now
another man on the train
 I've just started working on this painting (working title 'High-speed man').It's based on the many drawings I have made whilst commuting into London everyday (see previous blog post 'man on a train'). Although the sitter remains anonymous he is one person I see regularly, however, we never speak though he knows I am drawing him which is interesting in its self. This picture is just a few hours old and I'm certain it will go through several changes over the next few weeks before it is finished. I just  thought It would be nice to show it now as a work in progress.