Thursday, July 26

Commuters on the train into London share certain characteristics. Predominantly they are male and around 40 to 50 years old, the  women I do see  are younger, say 30 to 40 years. Both are immersed in their work and able to shut out the distraction of the passing countryside and occasional requirements to make way for boarding passengers. Their eyes are motionless, fixed on word processors and documents. I draw them as they work, trying to capture both there stillness and concentration. they never look up at me, they are oblivious of my scrutinising glances, I am invisible.

Wednesday, July 25

Tuesday, July 17

It's a been a day of intense thinking, consolidating and mulling. Seeing Rob at the weekend has reinstated the importance of steering a true course when it comes to painting and the dangers of veering off course in search of approval. His eye is, as ever, unique, stretched and questioning. His glance is sideways and alert to true passages of colour and intuited mark marking. I am inspired to tread dangerously, to tip-toe precariously along steep edges of thought and visual thinking. To get things started I I gave my self several minutes this morning to study the view from the Udimore Road to Winchelsea beach, a 3 mile vista of sudden slopes, patterned fields shooting out to rulers edge of sea in the distance, certainly a subject and certainly a challenge.

Sunday, July 15

Private view discussions

My first show in years has finally launched!  The private view took place last night and I had all my favourite people in one place including Rob Welch who introduced me to painting 25 years ago. I am feeling inspired and more committed to picture making than ever, I am busy buying paint stretching canvas and preparing the way for new work.None of this would have happened without the belief and support form Sarah Benton at the revolution in ideas that is The Lion Street Store in Rye, if you haven't popped in yet do so soon...magical!