Sunday, July 15

My first show in years has finally launched!  The private view took place last night and I had all my favourite people in one place including Rob Welch who introduced me to painting 25 years ago. I am feeling inspired and more committed to picture making than ever, I am busy buying paint stretching canvas and preparing the way for new work.None of this would have happened without the belief and support form Sarah Benton at the revolution in ideas that is The Lion Street Store in Rye, if you haven't popped in yet do so soon...magical!


  1. luke, AMAZING!!!!!
    i really really want to buy one, im in love with two but if the landscape with pink middle is still available i want to buy from you. 8 from the top.
    can you send to me in NYC if i send money order?

  2. That one is avaiable , it's £300 is that ok?

    I can send to NYC

    So glad you like them ,


  3. definitely, going to email you.
    also, a woman i work with wants one too. she loves in order...
    9th from top, dont know price
    4th from top,i think it says 200 pound

    are they still available

  4. Hi Liz

    Fourth from top is as far I know sold, ninth from top (small square painting) is available but is £300, is that ok?


  5. Hi Liz.

    I am taking my exhibition down on Thursday and wanted to check whether you would still like to purchase one of my paintings?and do you know if your friend from work still wants one to?

    Hope all is well

    Much Love